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How Will Aging of the U.S. Workforce Affect Your Business?

By Laurie Bradley Increasing numbers of baby boomers are drawing closer to retirement age, and many industries, especially those that rely on STEM workers, are starting to lose more of their skilled workers as they exit the workforce. These veterans take with them years of experience and knowledge that are not easily replaced. STEM workers […]

Where Have All the STEM Grads Gone?

By Laurie Bradley We’ve all heard of the STEM shortage — but with growing numbers of men and woman graduating with STEM degrees, shouldn’t the problem go away? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Even as the popularity of STEM degrees increases, there are still several problems that are still causing a lack of talent […]

Why Culture Fit Matters Even More at the Top

By Laurie Bradley When your organization hires your next C-level executive, what will you be looking for? An impressive CV? Proven leadership experience? Success in a top position with a competitor? The ability to affect change in your organization? All are important considerations. However, the one consideration many organizations overlook can be the most important […]

Offer these Essentials to Retain Top Employees

By Laurie Bradley As the year kicks into high gear, it’s critical for most companies to maintain focus on productivity and reaching business goals. However, if you’re constantly dealing with turnover of your most highly-skilled workers, reaching those goals can be difficult. The 2015 Job Seeker Nation Study by Jobvite revealed that 45% of employees […]

Build a Better Workforce Through Diversity

By Laurie Bradley In January, Intel announced it will invest $300 million to increase diversity in its organization. The news has revived a decades-old discussion about the need for greater representation of women, African-Americans, Hispanics, and other under-represented populations in the workplace. But diversity is not just a buzzword or a mandate to be checked […]

Be the Employer Everybody Wants to Work For

By Laurie Bradley It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Have you picked out the perfect gift for that special someone? Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, you probably put some thought into selecting gifts when the occasion arises. Obviously, you choose gifts you think the recipient will want, but beyond that — Do you choose them […]

You Want the Best Employees; Will They Want You?

In high-tech, engineering, and all STEM talent-focused  organizations, it’s an exciting time to be in business. The economy continues to rebound and has sustained record growth for more than 18 months. With it this growth brings high expectations for businesses to continue to expand in 2015. Although the rebounding economy is terrific news, there are […]

Prepare to Compete for Top Talent in 2015

It’s an exciting time of year. People are motivated and ready to make the business goals they set last fall finally come to life. But if you’re looking for talent that can help get those goals off the ground, you may be facing an uphill battle. Why? Because your company isn’t the only one that’s […]

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